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Where can I find a list of veterinary colleges?

To find out more about AAVMC Member Institutions, including international institutions, please visit our AAVMC Member Institutions page. You can also see the full member listing.

When do I pay my institution’s dues?

Dues are billed in April and are due July 1 of each year. AAVMC sends the dues invoice to the institutional representative as well as the financial contact for the institution. For more information, please contact Mark Stodter, Accounting Manager at

I’m interested in getting involved with AAVMC committees. Where can I find more information, and how do a sign up?

For information on each of AAVMC’s committees, please visit our committee webpage. If you are an employee of an AAVMC member institution interested in volunteering, a call for volunteers is sent out each summer to contacts at member schools. New committee members’ terms begin after the Annual Meeting of the Assembly each summer, and terms of appointment vary. To make sure you are on an appropriate AAVMC mailing list, please email Lawann Smith-Johnson, Administrative Assistant at

I’d like to email an announcement or job posting to all of the colleges. How do I go about doing this? Does AAVMC have a listserv?

AAVMC provides a key contacts directory to each member institution, which is updated yearly and includes contact information for the institutional representative, their administrative assistant, and associate deans at each member institution. It also has information on other associate deans, department chairs, center/lab directors, admissions officers, advancement professionals, business officers, financial aid officers, legislative points of contact, librarians, and teaching hospital directors. This list can be obtained through your institutional representative, which is the dean of a college or the chair or head of a department. For more information, please see the key contacts policy in the AAVMC Policies and Procedures Manual.

The AAVMC Key Contacts List may be made available to non-members for use in communications that are germane to academic veterinary medicine. Any person or organization requesting access to the Key Contacts List must demonstrate that such use is relevant and beneficial to AAVMC members, and must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions imposed by AAVMC.

AAVMC also has a jobs board. Any posting to our jobs board is automatically posted to other jobs boards in the Veterinary Careers Network, which includes the AVMA and participating state VMAs.

How is AAVMC different from AVMA? Are they part of the same organization?

AAVMC is an association of institutions of higher education, whereas AVMA is an association of individual veterinarians. While AAVMC and AVMA have many areas of common interest and collaboration, each is an independently incorporated organization.

Does AAVMC rank the veterinary medical colleges?

The AAVMC does not rank veterinary medical colleges. Please see our policy on third party ranking systems in the AAVMC Policies and Procedures Manual.

Does AAVMC accredit colleges offering the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree?

AAVMC does not accredit DVM or equivalent educational programs. This is done by the AVMA Council on Education. AAVMC is, however, responsible for appointing a portion of the council’s membership. For more information, see the AVMA website.

Do you provide discounted or free veterinary care?

No. AAVMC is an association of institutions of higher education, and does not provide any kind of veterinary services. Please contact your state veterinary medical association for a list of care providers in your area. You may also look at our membership page to see if there is a veterinary college near you.

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