Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, 01 May, 2014

Which AAVMC meetings should I attend?

The AAVMC Annual Conference is open to any individual to attend, whether or not they are a veterinarian or are employed by a member institution.

While only member institution representatives may fully participate and vote in Assembly meetings, these meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in the business of the association is welcome to attend as an observer. The annual AAVMC Meeting of the Assembly is held at the AVMA Convention each summer.

There are also several Board of Directors meetings held throughout the year. These meetings are also open to the public. In-person Board meetings are held annually in January before the Deans Conference, in March before the Annual Conference, and during the AVMA Convention each summer. Additional meetings are conducted via conference call.

The Deans Conference is held annually in January, and the Advocacy Summit is held annually in March, just before the Annual Conference. Both of these events are open by invitation only. For more information about AAVMC meetings, please contact Andrew Zoeller, Project Manager at

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