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The Future of Veterinary Medicine

NAVMEC Enduring Contributions

The NAVMEC board no longer exists; the program has completed its work and has been sunset. However, many of the specific programs and initiatives outlined in the "Roadmap" are under way in AAVMC member institutions and have been integrated within ongoing AAVMC programs.

The AAVMC will periodically report out to stakeholders on some of the exciting progress underway in academic veterinary medicine that aligns with some of the ideas described in the NAVMEC report through

Progress Points in Veterinary Medicine

July 2013

The following information provides an update on some of the important activities underway in the profession that are congruent with the matrix of recommendations created during the roadmap process.

Core competencies
  • Primary Care Veterinary Educators is fostering core approach to teaching preventive care
  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Council on Education (COE) is adjusting standards to include diversity/multicultural awareness, and adaptation to changing environments/assess development of leadership skills.
  • VMRCVM’s Jenny Hodgson, et al, authored a major paper in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME) on Competency-based veterinary education (Beyond NAVMEC).
  • AAVMC created One Health Committee in 2012 (mission, vision, goals)
  • One Health Committee Chair, Michael Lairmore, will present a Health Resources Services Administration (HHS Bureau of Health Professions) webinar on One Health on behalf of the AAVMC in July 2013. 
  • Renewed our membership in the One Health Commission.
Admissions requirement/Competency Driven Curricula
  • 2013 Iverson Bell Diversity Symposium
  • Theme of next AAVMC conference is One Health
  • AAVMC awarded first Patricia Lowrie Diversity Leadership Scholarship
  • AVMA created new Diversity Office in 2012
  • Collaborating on an upcoming national survey on recruiting.
  • Purdue’s National Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine textbook
  • AAVMC helps sponsor Merial/NIH National Veterinary Scholars Program which encourages student engagement with research careers (2012 Colorado State and 2013 Michigan State)
Sharing Educational Resources
  • Task Force on Shared Online Resources/Texas A & M is leading on development and sharing of online education program
  • Western Regional Consortium Teaching Academy created by Washington State, UC-Davis, Western University of Health Sciences, Colorado State University and Oregon.
  • Veterinary Educator Collaborative…. Sub-committee of Academic Affairs Committee Goal is to share best practices… 150 met at Colorado State in 2012…meeting in Iowa State in 2014
Economically Viable Profession
  • AAVMC establishment of Financial Literacy Task Force
  • Partners for Healthy Pets … largest vet to consumer educational program ever created
  • AVMA invested $5 million in economics and establishes new Economics Division
  • AVMA Workforce Study
  • AAHA Practice Revenue Study
  • AVMA enhanced senior survey to better assess graduate self-perceptions of financial preparedness/literacy
  • Lisa Greenhill is developing more rigorous instrument for assessing senior survey capabilities
  • AVMA/AAVMC Joint Committee meetings
  • AAVMC/AVMA combining efforts to study 2012 graduates one year out
  • AAVMC focusing on data collection to ensure efficacy/application/ROI
Innovation, Flexibility, Action
  • New web-based engagement with VMCAS updates/programs
  • AAVMC taking steps to increase engagement and collaboration among member institutions
Research Productivity
  • The production of new knowledge through research and discovery programs informs the instructional process in many different ways and promotes economic development and innovation
  • USCVM research expenditures climbed from $324,683,173 in 2,000 to $468,197,045 in 2013
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