The Pre-Vet Advisor Newsletter

Whether you're a student, advisor, pre-applicant, or just someone interested in the profession of veterinary medicine, the Pre-Vet Advisor e-newsletter will have something vital to offer.

Topics will include timely information on:
  • Application-related requirements, forms and timelines
  • Admission requirements, including pre-requisites, veterinary experience and testing
  • Survey results from veterinary schools regarding admissions policies and practices
  • Career information, including salaries, specialties and employment outlooks
  • Changes and updates to the Veterinary Medical College Application Service
  • How to be a competitive DVM/VMD candidate
  • Scholarships, internships and other financial aid and career enhancing opportunities

Summer 2012 Edition:

Winter 2012 Edition - The Ins and Outs of Admissions Decisions and Deposits

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