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Global Collaborations

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) recognizes the importance of the globalization of veterinary medicine as part of the expansion of global linkages and integration of technologies that connect people around the world. The globalization of veterinary medical education includes the free flow of information and the adoption of universal standards to prepare veterinarians to meet the complex challenges of protecting human and animal health on a global scale.

Our International Affairs Committee meets periodically to share information about international collaborations among members and discuss new developments. Additionally, the AAVMC is represented on the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Committee for International Affairs and we support a broad, worldwide effort to improve the quality of life for people and animals by advancing veterinary medical education and bring diverse stakeholders together to forge mutually beneficial collaborative relationships across the globe.

For example, Global Initiatives in Veterinary Education (GIVE) was launched by the AAVMC to strengthen relationships between association members and international institutions. The program provides curricular materials, journal subscriptions, distant learning modules, short courses, faculty and student exchanges, and sabbatical opportunities. It strengthens participants by promoting global perspectives, intercultural understanding, and knowledge of exotic animal diseases.

Organizations that agreed to encourage their members and employees to participate include: the American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States Army Veterinary Corps, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, the United States Animal Health Association, and multiple Agencies of the United States Department of Agriculture. Cooperating organizations receive periodic updates, provide advice, participate in crafting policies, and suggest volunteer experts.

GIVE now has relationships with partner institutions in Chile, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, and more, aligned with the following member institutions:

Contact individual schools for more information on the specific partnerships.

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