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Closing Workshop

Sunday, March 16, 2014, 11:05 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Capturing the Opportunity: Sustaining One Health Approaches as a Competitive Advantage of Veterinary Medical Education
William Hueston, University of Minnesota
Lonnie King, Ohio State University

One Health approaches have captured renewed attention as dynamic tools for managing the dilemmas increasingly found at human, animal, and environmental interfaces. While a flurry of national and international meetings, powerful case studies, new educational programs, and faculty titles have ensued, the seminal question is whether transdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, systems-based One Health approaches can be successfully integrated in veterinary medical education programs sufficiently to assure their sustainability. Veterinary education introduces the concept of human-animal-environmental interactions and provides a foundation on which One Health principles can be built. At the same time, the veterinary curriculum is packed with didactic courses that often exclude interactions with other disciplines. The typical veterinary student graduates without any experience working in trans-disciplinary, cross-sectoral teams that utilize systems thinking in addressing problems. Global grand challenges such as global food security, emerging infectious diseases and ecosystem health and sustainability create innumerable opportunities for veterinarians to contribute. New career opportunities exist for those veterinarians with meta-leadership skills who are able to contribute in multi-cultural, dynamic situations in which there are no simple technical solutions. This interactive workshop will summarize the 2014 AAVMC Annual Conference program to explore the need, challenge and opportunity provided by curricular integration of One Health approaches. The barriers to One Health approaches becoming the new norm for veterinary education will be identified so that participants can identify strategies for overcoming them. Registrants will be asked to join a call to action for veterinary medical education and commit to next steps in order to assure that concrete actions follow the workshop.
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