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National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

College of Veterinary Medicine*

*This page is for last year’s admissions cycle. For updated information, please visit: or 

Office of Undergraduate Studies (División de Estudios Profesionales)
College of Veterinary Medicine (FMVZ)
Av. Universidad 3000
Circuito Interior
Delegación Coyoacán
México D.F. 04510
Telephone: 56 22 58 80
Webpage: ,


Undergraduate admission of new students to the Na­tional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is done through the General Administration Scholar Af­fairs Direction (DGAE).

The applicants to the College of Veterinary Medi­cine, students are evaluated in terms of their general academic background, with emphasis on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

There are two annual ap­plications dates: January and April. Information for spe­cific applications dates can be reviewed at www.escolar. (the semester starts in August).

Application forms can be found at the same website. The number of available posi­tions is 450, without distinc­tion for Mexican or foreign applicants.


There are no resident implications. All the students have to take the admission test. Recommendation let­ters are not needed.


Applicants must have at least a high school average grade of 70%.

Minimum of semesters needed in: mathematics, phys­ics, chemistry, and biology

CURSES (Semesters)

Mathematics (4 semesters)

Physics (4 semesters)

Inorganic and organic chemistry (4 semesters)

Principles of biology and general biology (4 semesters)

Social sciences / humanities (6 semesters)

Electives (2 semesters): selected topics on biology, sta­tistics, morphophysiology or physicochemistry

For students from foreign high schools, beside the ad­mission test, they have to submit all necessary official documents to “Dirección General de Incorporación y Revalidación de Estudios (DGIRE) UNAM”. Sub­mission instructions can be found at http://www.dgire.

Foreign students whose primary language is not Span­ish will have to do a proficiency Spanish language test.

Required undergraduate GPA: It is not necessary

AP credit policy: Is not part of the admission require­ments

Course completion deadline: It is based on the application dates, in January and June.

Standardized Examinations: They are not used

Additional requirements and considerations: Foreign students must have a good command of the Spanish language



The next application dates can be checked at www.escolar

Deposit: It is not necessary

Deferments: Considered on an individual basis, and or­dinarily granted for personal reasons, illness, and lack of economic resources or other situations beyond the con­trol of the students.

Evaluation criteria: Grade of 80% or above in the ad­mission exam.


Number of Number of  Applicants: 2,742

New Entrants:  99 (3.6%)


(Subject to change)

Tuition and fees: $2,000 USD per year

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