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National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

College of Veterinary Medicine


Office of Undergraduate Studies (División de Estudios Profesionales)
College of Veterinary Medicine (FMVZ)
Av. Universidad 3000
Circuito Interior
Delegación Coyoacán
México D.F. 04510
Telephone: 56 22 58 80
Webpage: ,

The College of Veterinary Medicine is located in the south of the main UNAM campus of Mexico City’s metropolitan area.
Application Information
Undergraduate admission of new students to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is done through the General Administration Scholar Affairs Direction (DGAE).

The applicants to the College of Veterinary Medicine, students are evaluated in terms of their general academic background, with emphasis on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

There are two annual applications dates: January and April. Information for specific applications dates can be reviewed at (the semester starts in August).

Application forms can be found at the same website. The number of available positions is 450, without distinction for Mexican or foreign applicants.

Residency implications: There are no resident implications. All the students have to take the admission test. Recommendation letters are not needed.
Prerequisites for Admission
Applicants must have at least a high school average grade of 70%.

Minimum of semesters needed in: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology
COURSES (Semesters)
Mathematics (4 semesters)
Physics (4 semesters)
Inorganic and organic chemistry (4 semesters)
Principles of biology and general biology (4 semesters)
Social sciences / humanities (6 semesters)
Electives (2 semesters): selected topics on biology, statistics, morphophysiology or physicochemistry

For students from foreign high schools, beside the admission test, they have to submit all necessary official documents to “Dirección General de Incorporación y Revalidación de Estudios (DGIRE) UNAM”. Submission instructions can be found at .
Foreign students whose primary language is not Spanish will have to do a proficiency Spanish language test.
Required undergraduate GPA: It is not necessary
AP credit policy: Is not part of the admission requirements
Course completion deadline: It is based on the application dates, in January and June.
Standardized Examinations: They are not used
Additional requirements and considerations: Foreign students must have a good command of the Spanish language
Summary of Admission Procedure

The next application dates can be checked at

Deposit: It is not necessary
Deferments: Considered on an individual basis, and ordinarily granted for personal reasons, illness, lack of economic resources or other situations beyond the control of the students.
Evaluation criteria: Grade of 80% or above in the admission exam.
2012–2013 admissions summary
Number of Applicants Number of New Entrants
2,742 99 (3.6%)
Expenses for the 2012–2013 Academic Year (subject to change)
Tuition and fees: $2,000 USD per year
Dual-Degree Program
Does not apply
Leadership Program
Does not apply
Page Updated: March/20/2013
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