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AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, Presented by Zoetis

Nomination Period Opens: September 1, 2014
Nomination Deadline: October 31, 2014


Eligibility for this national award is limited to the 2014 recipients of the Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award at each accredited college or school in the U.S. or the Caribbean.

Who may nominate

Institutional representatives must submit the materials identified below for their college's recipient to be considered.


The awardee will be notified in December 2014. The awardee is expected to attend the AAVMC Annual Conference and Iverson Bell Symposium in March 2015 to receive the award and make a presentation on teaching in veterinary medical education. Awardee's reasonable costs (registration, travel, housing, meals) for attending the Annual Conference will be covered by AAVMC. The awardee is encouraged to submit their presentation to the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education for publication.

What to submit
  1. A letter of nomination from the dean, associate dean, department chair, or other individual who can evaluate the nominee's teaching ability. The letter should address the sustained quality of teaching and the impact on student learning.
  2. A letter of nomination from students. This letter could be submitted by a student organization (such as SCAVMA) or committee, and could include input from interns and residents, if appropriate. Please note: Other supporting letters are not required and should not be included.
  3. A personal statement from the nominee describing his or her teaching philosophy and a brief description of major teaching accomplishments, innovations, and/or contributions.
  4. The nominee's current C.V. The C.V. should include information about teaching activities, and need not include research and service activities except where relevant to teaching activities. Pertinent information includes:
            a.    Courses taught (title, credits/hours, number of students, years taught)
            b.    Summary of student and peer teaching evaluations
            c.    Book chapters and books
            d.    Publications related to teaching
            e.    Web sites or other materials developed for teaching
            f.    Grant support for teaching projects
            g.    Honors and awards for teaching

Where to submit materials

Materials should be submitted by email to

Award criteria
  1. The sustained quality of teaching and impact on student learning
  2. Major teaching accomplishments, innovations, and/or contributions
  3. Teaching load
  4. Mix of research and service activities where relevant to teaching activities
  5. Student and peer teaching evaluations
  6. Publishing activity, especially publications related to teaching
  7. Type, number, and innovation in materials developed for teaching
  8. Grant support for teaching projects
  9. Other honors and awards received for teaching
Award committee

The selection committee is composed of up to five members of the AAVMC Academic Affairs Committee.

Background and past recipients

The AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, Presented by Zoetis, is presented annually to a faculty member at each college or school of veterinary medicine in the United States. It is the most prestigious teaching award in veterinary medicine. The award was originally named in honor of Carl J. Norden, founder of Norden Laboratories. Since 1963, the award has been sponsored by Zoetis. Each individual college selects a recipient in the spring. Colleges may then nominate their recipient for the national award, which is chosen by the AAVMC.

Past recipients of the AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, Presented by Zoetis (1992–present)

2013    Dr. Matthew Mellema
2012    Dr. Mary Anna Thrall
2011    Dr. Anton Hoffman
2010    Dr. Richard Meadows
2009    Dr. Larry Adams
2008    Dr. Bonnie Smith
2007    Dr. S. Kathleen Salisbury
2006    Dr. L. Ray Whalen
2005    Dr. Peter MacWilliams
2004    Dr. Holly Bender
2003    Dr. S. Dru Forrester
2002    Dr. Scott Brown
2001    Dr. Steven Kincaid
2000    Dr. Bradley Klein
1999    Dr. Sharon Patton
1998    Dr. Steven Parish
1997    Dr. Mary Christopher
1996    Dr. Stephen Hines
1995    Dr. Kent Ames
1994    Dr. Michael Willard
1993    Dr. Roger Panciera
1992    Dr. Raymond Sweeney
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