Annual Conference Planning Committee Charge


The Annual Conference Planning Committee (ACPC) is an ad hoc committee constituted each year in April and discharged at the conclusion of the following Annual Conference. The ACPC is responsible for selecting the Annual Conference theme, developing the call for proposals, reviewing proposals, and selecting session and poster presentations.

The chair of the ACPC is the AAVMC president. The AAVMC past president also holds an ex-officio seat. Five other representatives from AAVMC committees will be designated by the committee chairs. It is recommended that the chair or a past chair from each respective committee serve on the ACPC. The represented committees are: Academic Affairs, Research, Admissions and Recruitment, and Diversity. There will also be one representative for international colleges, who will be the Board of Directors’ at-large director representing international colleges, or that person’s designee.

2020 Annual Conference Planning Committee Roster

President (Chair)
Dr. Mark Markel
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Paul Lunn 
North Carolina State University
Representing Leadership
Dr. Karen Cornell
Texas A&M University
Representing International Colleges
Dr. Sean Callanan
Ross University
Representing Academic Affairs
Dr. Jodi Korich
Cornell University 
Representing Research
Dr. Lois Hoyer
University of Illinois
Representing Admissions and Recruitment
Dr. Karl Jandrey
University of California, Davis
Representing Diversity
Dr. Carla Gartrell 
Midwestern University 
Representing Advocacy
Dr. Susan Tornquist
Oregon State University

Staff Liaison
Leslie Wilson
Program Manager