AVMA-AAVMC Joint Committee

At its July 19, 1996 meeting, the AVMA Executive Board reestablished an AMVA-AAVMC Joint Committee to monitor changes in and the future direction of veterinary medicine in North America.
Includes advising the AVMA Executive Board and, through the Board, appropriate councils and the House of Delegates; and also advising the AAVMC Executive Committee and, through the Committee, appropriate association committees and membership.

Membership, Method of Appointment, and Representation
AVMA appointments will be made by the Executive Board Chair.
AVMA Representation: AVMA President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President
AAVMC Representation: President, President Elect, Past-President
The meetings will be co-chaired by the AVMA President and the AAVMC President.

Meetings will be held twice per year, alternating between AVMA Headquarters and AAVMC Headquarters.

2020-2021 AVMA-AAVMC Joint Committee 

Dr. Mark Markel, Co-Chair
AAVMC President
Dr.  Doug Kratt, Co-Chair
AVMA President
          Dr. Paul Lunn       
AAVMC President-Elect
Dr. Jose Arce
AVMA President-Elect
Dr. Michael Lairmore
AAVMC Past-President
Dr.  John Howe
AVMA Immediate Past-President