Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

Editorial Board

The Journal of Veterinary Medical Education (JVME) is an international peer-reviewed journal and the official publication of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). JVME is the sole journal in the world devoted exclusively and comprehensively to veterinary education.
  • JVME aspires to enrich and improve all aspects of veterinary education.
  • JVME is directed to being a major conduit for sharing information among all those in veterinary education.
  • JVME aims to prompt debate on veterinary education, its challenges, direction, progress, and potential approaches.
  • JVME strives to stimulate deliberations on the evolution of veterinary education, as impelled by changes in the profession prompted by both internal and external forces.
  • JVME seeks to be proactive in stimulating thought and discussion on the breadth of changes occurring in veterinary education, and to provide insights regarding changes in the future.
  • JVME encompasses all aspects of veterinary education, including veterinary student education, residency training, graduate veterinary education, continuing education, and veterinary technology training.
  • JVME has as one of its primary missions to provide an influential venue for those in veterinary education to publish peer-reviewed educational research.
  • JVME embraces a global perspective of veterinary education.
All papers submitted to JVME are subject to peer review. The journal has an identified panel of over 150 reviewers and will also seek additional reviewers as the topic of a paper requires. The journal publishes both commissioned and individually submitted articles. The educational endeavors of the Journal are directed by an Editorial Board with international representation.

 JVME Editorial Board Roster

Dr.  Virginia Fajt
Texas A&M University
Term expires 2021   
Dr. Lori Kogan
Colorado State University
Term expires 2021
Dr.  Tim Parkinson
Massey University
Term expires 2021    

Dr. Martin Cake
Murdoch University 
Term expires 2022

Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams
Iowa State University
Term expires 2022  

Dr. Patricia Turner
University of Guelph
Term expires 2022
Dr. Jennifer Hammond
University of Glasgow
Term expires 2023 
Dr. Susan Hazel
University of Adelaide
Term expires 2023 

Dr. Liz Mossop
University of Nottingham
Term expires 2023
Dr. Harold G.J. Bok
Universiteit Utrecht
Term expires 2024

Dr. Susan Dawson
University of Prince Edward Island
Term expires 2024 
Dr. Susan Matthew
Washington State University
Term expires 2024 

Dr. Liz Armitage-Chan
Royal Veterinary College
                Term expires 2025               
Dr. Judy Provo-Klimek
University of Prince Edward Island
Term expires 2025

Dr. Emma Read
Ohio State University
Term expires 2025
Ms. Sandra Gautreau
University of Toronto Press
Managing Editor, ex officio
Dr. Daryl Buss, Staff Liaison
Editor-in-Chief, JVME