Survey Committee

AAVMC receives many requests to survey our member institutions, faculty, staff and students. AAVMC specifically reviews surveys intended for leaders at our member institutions (deans, associate and assistant deans, etc). We developed this policy to assist our member institutions as they decide to participate in external surveys.
  • The Survey Committee will decide to approve or not approve requests for surveys. In making this decision, the Committee will consider the quality of the survey instrument, the expected time to complete the survey, and the number of people expected to participate, among other factors.  The Committee may also seek the advice of the Senior Director for Institutional Research and Diversity or other AAVMC relevant committees.
  • AAVMC will notify member institutions when a survey request is approved through distribution of the survey to the targeted survey population.  Survey instruments must not be altered following approval. The decision to participate in a survey is entirely at the discretion of each member institution.
  • AAVMC will not conduct surveys for other organizations.  Responsibility for analyzing data from an approved survey rests with the requesting organization.  
Study Approval Request Procedure
 July, 2017
Investigators seeking approval of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) for dissemination of surveys to the AAVMC’s member institutions must provide the study information (described below) to Lisa Greenhill, Senior Director for Institutional Research and Diversity at 
Submissions may be made prior to seeking Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Submissions should also be received for review at least one month prior to the anticipated start of data collection. 
Required information for AAVMC study approval review: 
  • The name of the investigator conducting the study, title, organization/company, and contact information.
  • A brief project summary that includes the purpose/objectives of the study, how the study builds on previous work and how the project will benefit the AAVMC and veterinary medical education.
  • What audience or population is targeted for completion of the study; please be as specific as possible.
  • Which AAVMC member institutions do you wish to survey (i. e. all colleges, or specifically US, Canadian, International colleges, Departments of Veterinary Sciences, Departments of Comparative Medicine).
  • A copy of the proposed study instrument along with preamble.
  • Estimate of time required to complete the survey based on a test with a representative from a similar target group.
  • How will the results be used and shared. Do you intend to publish your research findings?
  • A statement of intentions regarding the confidentiality of those responding, and if identities will be confidential, how will that confidentiality be achieved.
  • A commitment to recognize AAVMC in an acknowledgment section of any published paper directly derived from this research. 
Requests will be reviewed by AAVMC’s Survey Committee. Revisions and additional questions may be required during the approval process. Approval notification will include language to be included in introductory materials, acknowledging AAVMC’s review process. 
Failure to seek and/or gain approval of AAVMC study approval may result in member notification of the distribution of an unauthorized survey.

Approved by AAVMC Board of Directors
July 21, 2017