The Birth of the AAVMC

It was the 60’s: Vietnam, civil rights, protests and social change. America was rising to President Kennedy’s challenge to put a man on the moon. Pets were becoming a fixture of modern family life, and veterinary medicine was coming into its own. The founding of the AAVMC in 1966 proved to be a defining moment in the history of academic veterinary medicine.

Fifty years later, our member institutions help form the foundation of a healthy society. The purpose of our 50th Anniversary Celebration is much more than the celebration of an important milestone. It is to illuminate the critical role that academic veterinary medicine plays in the modern world.

The AAVMC Today

Today, the AAVMC is an agile, dynamic organization providing the 21st century leadership academic veterinary medicine needs. Focused, streamlined, and collaborative, the AAVMC is devoted to its action agenda: Analyze, Catalyze and Advocate.

Programs help achieve educational excellence, recruit high-quality professionals, enhance diversity in the profession, promote One Health, advance scientific research, advocate for public support, and foster leadership. AAVMC staff and volunteers work hard everyday to make sure the organization rises to meet the challenge of its tagline: The Future of Veterinary Medicine.