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College of Veterinary Medicine
P.O. Box 100125
University of Florida
Gainesville FL 32610-0125
Telephone: 352-294-4244


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The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, a college town of approximately 132,000 in north central Florida. Winter is mild and summer permits year round participation in outdoor activities. The College of Veterinary Medicine is part of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and is a member of the Health Science Center that encompasses five other colleges (Dentistry, Public Health and Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy). Our students spend the first two years learning physical examinations and diagnosis, radiology, and basic skills in the Clinical Skills Laboratory. During the last two years of their DVM education, students actively participate in clinical rotations, externship opportunities and specialized electives.


·         Four Professional Certificate Programs (Aquatics, Food Animal, Shelter and Veterinary Business)

·         Combined DVM/MPH Degree

·         Clinical Skills Laboratory

Health & Wellness

·         Yoga Classes

·         Monthly educational and developmental events

·         On-site Licensed Psychologist

·         Health initiatives integrated in our curriculum

Diversity & Disadvantaged / Accommodations

·         Diversity & Inclusion Committee

·         Disability Resource Center

Class Size

·         Resident: 94

·         Non-Resident: 26

·         International Seats: N/A

Applicant Pool (prior year)

·         Resident: 390

·         Non-Resident: 884

International School: No

Accepts International Applicants: Yes

VMCAS Participant: Yes


Pre-Requisite Chart Update

·         All prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of Spring term prior to the start of veterinary school. We strongly recommend 80% of Science and Math pre-requisites completed by VMCAS application deadline. o Pre-requisite required grade: C or higher (C- must be repeated)

VMCAS application: Yes

Supplemental application: Yes

·         Through VMCAS: No

·         External: Yes

Transcript Requirements

·         AP Policy: Must be listed in official college/university transcript with course and credit equivalency

International Transcripts: Yes

·         WES Report Required: Yes


·         Requirements statement: Significant hours of veterinary experience under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, legitimate animal experience and strong letters of recommendation. Documented research is a valuable form of experience.

Letters of Recommendation (eLOR)

·         Requirement of three strong letters of recommendation with at least one from a veterinarian. Letters of recommendation from family members are not accepted.

·         Minimum number required: 3

·         Veterinarian Required: Yes

Bachelor’s degree required: No

Academic Statement

·         Recommended cumulative GPA: 3.0

·         Required Grades: N/A

·         Recommended last 45: 3.0

·         Recommended science GPA: 3.0

·         Required minimum GRE score: N/A

·         Interview Required: Yes

o   Type of interview: Behavioral/Situational Judgement Interview


Admissions Process Statement

·         Deadlines:

o   Application Open Date: May 9, 2019

o   Application Deadline Date: September 17, 2019

o   Supplemental Open Date: Same as VMCAS

o   Supplemental Deadline Date: Same as VMCAS

o   Transcripts Received Date: Same as VMCAS

o   eLOR Received Date: N/A

o   GRE Scores Received Date: Same as VMCAS

·         Interviews held: January-February

o   Interview format statement: 45-minute behavioral interview

·         Offers released: Early March

·         Orientation held: August

·         Deposit required: No

·         Defers granted: Requires admissions approval

·         Transfers accepted: Yes


·         Academic History

·         Science GPA

·         Cumulative GPA

·         Last 45 GPA

·         GRE Scores

·         eLORS

·         Experiences

·         Leadership Skills

·         Short Essays

·         Contribution to diversity

·         Non-cognitive skills

·         Self and Social Awareness

·         Readiness to matriculate

·         Employment history

·         Knowledge of issues affecting the veterinary profession

·         Interview


·         GRE Average: 64.5%

·         GPA Average: 3.69

·         Number of applications: 1274

·         Number interviewed: 289

·         Number selected: 182

·         Number Accepted into class: 116

·         Number matriculated: 116


*For current year (2018-2019 academic year)

Resident (in-State)

·         Tuition and fees: $28,790

·         COA: $25,060

Non-Resident (out-of-state)

·         Tuition and fees: $45,500

·         COA: $25,060


·         Combined Programs statement o DVM/MPH Degree

Other Academic Programs statement

·         Opportunities to engage in research through:

o   Florida Veterinary Scholars Program

o   Phi Zeta Research

o   Curriculum Statement

o   9-semesters of combined didactic and practical clinical core and elective experiences

Clinicals begin

·         End of the second year DVM program


·         Professional Certificate Programs

·         Multiple Student Club Opportunities

·         Clinical Skills Laboratory

·         State-of-the-art Small and Large hospitals on campus

·         One Health collaboration with five other affiliated health science colleges

·         Renowned faculty and research

·         Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

·         Holistic Admissions Process


Do you require a bachelor’s degree?

No we do not require a bachelor’s degree.

Is there a preference or recommended major?

No preference is given to any major. We recommend a major that you enjoy as this will result in your best academic performance.

If I retake a class, will it replace the first class taken or do you count both grades?

No, it will not replace the first class grade. Both grades will be counted in our GPA calculations.

What are your minimum hours of veterinary experience?

There is not a minimum requirement hours. A successful applicant would have gained significant veterinary/clinical experience for a consistent period of 10 months or longer at one designated location. Employed experiences are desirable but shadow and volunteer hours are acceptable. Documented research is a valuable form of experience.

How many letters of reference you require?

We require a minimum of three letters of reference. We suggest a fourth reference to ensure the required three references are received by VMCAS.

Can I use veterinarians from the same clinic as references?

Our admissions committee prefers references from different clinics.

Do you accept AP credits?

We accept AP credits. They must be listed in official college/university transcript with course and credit equivalence.

My major does not require microbiology and Biochemistry. What should I take to satisfy these pre-requisites?

These two courses are usually offered as electives for Biology/Science majors and most students are able to take them as electives. These courses are not typically offered at community colleges. A nursing microbiology will not satisfy our microbiology pre-requisite.

Do you require a deposit?

No, we do not require a deposit.

Do you offer in state tuition for out-of-state students during the second year of studies?

No, we do not offer in state tuition for out-of-state students during the second year of studies. Out-of-state students are charged a fixed rate that remains the same for the four years of education.