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The university is located adjacent to the cities of Bryan and College Station. The two cities have a combined population of approximately 200,000. The student population at Texas A&M is more than 58,000. The College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the 10 original veterinary teaching institutions that existed in the United States prior to World War II.

The College provides an integrated professional curriculum that prepares graduates with a firm foundation in the basic sciences, a broad comparative medicine knowledge base, and the clinical and personal skills to be leaders in the many career fields of veterinary medicine. Professional students are given the opportunity to gain additional education and training in their personal career paths.

Becoming a veterinarian requires much dedication and diligent study. The veterinary medical student is required to meet a high level of performance. The demands on students’ time and effort are considerable, but the rewards and career satisfaction are personal achievements that make significant contributions to our society.


For specific application information (availability, deadlines and fees), please refer to the contact information listed above.

Residency implications: Texas has no contractual agreements with other states. Applicants from other states who have outstanding credentials will be considered. Texas seats 130 residents and up to 10 non-resident applicants per year. In the event that not all 10 non-resident positions are filled, these positions will then be filled with Texas alternates. Successful non-resident candidates who are awarded competitive university-based scholarships may attend at the resident tuition rate.



Application deadline: October 1 (5 p.m. CST)

Date interviews are held: January

Date acceptances mailed: mid-March

School begins: late August

Deposit (to hold place in class): none required

Deferments: requests for deferments will be considered on a case-by-case basis


Academic performance

Test scores


Personal statement

Evaluations (3 evaluations are required. 1 evaluation must be from a veterinarian with whom you have worked with. No letters of support/recommendation are needed)

Semester course load and post-academic challenge

Leadership and experience


Required undergraduate GPA: the minimum overall GPA required is 2.90 on a 4.00 scale and 3.10 for the last 45 GPA and 2.90 Science GPA. The mean of the most recent entering class was 3.68.

AP credit policy: AP credit is accepted as fulfilling selected prerequisites; credit must be reflected on the official undergraduate transcript.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Required? no

Is this an International School? no


Course Description Number of Hours/Credits
General Biology (w/ lab)  4
General Microbiology (w/ lab)  4
Genetics  3
Animal Nutrition or Feeds & Feeding  3
Inorganic Chemistry I & II (w/ lab)  8
Organic Chemistry I & II (w/ lab)  8
Biochemistry (lecture hours only)  3
Statistics (upper level)  3
Physics I & II (w/ lab)  8
English   6
Public Speaking   3


Estimated Tuition Resident: $22,912

Estimated Tuition Non-Resident: $34,600


Resident: 130

Non-Resident: 10


Standardized examinations: Graduate Record Examination (GRE), general test, is required. Beginning August 1, 2011, the College of Veterinary Medicine will require the new version of the GRE examination. Deadline for taking the GRE will be September 30. Scores over 5 years old will not be accepted.

VMCAS Participation: non-VMCAS

Accepts International Students? no


Application Deadline: 10/01/2018 (5 p.m. CST)