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50th Website Anniversary Action Agenda

Action Agenda

The goal of the AAVMC’s 50th anniversary celebration is to celebrate achievement and develop broader understanding, appreciation and support for academic veterinary medicine – locally, nationally and internationally.

The AAVMC has created a portfolio of anniversary communications and programs that can be used at the member institutional level to build stakeholder appreciation for our colleges and schools. Everything has been designed for deans and other staff-members to tie the celebration into their individual institutions.

Please! We need the communications professionals in our member institutions to provide the leadership their colleges need in order to make the most of this celebration!

The following summary will help you learn more about the materials that are available, how we are using them at the national and international level, and how we hope you will use them at the local level.

Communications Collateral

50th Anniversary Video

A compelling six-and-a-half minute profile of the AAVMC and modern academic veterinary medicine.

50th Anniversary PSA

A fast-paced 30-second broadcast PSA customizable for local institutions designed for placement in major commercial television markets. Schools are asked to insert their school name, logo and website and logo on white or black during final three seconds. Schools may wish to include their founding date to avoid confusion about 50th anniversary date. We need local college officials to market this PSA to major commercial television stations in your state.

50th Anniversary Print and Digital Collateral

A variety of promotional ads in various sizes and configurations have been created for placement in print and electronic publications.

50th Anniversary PowerPoint Slide

A promotional PowerPoint slide that can be used in a variety of organizational and individual presentations.

50th Anniversary Brochure

This attractive brochure outlines the history of the AAVMC as well as the scope and major components of the celebration.

50th Anniversary Resolution Template

A resolution template describing the impact of academic veterinary medicine, the AAVMC’s anniversary, and the contributions our members make in their own states and regions adaptable for a variety of programs. Once you have acquired this recognition from stakeholder organizations, you can generate news about it through owned and earned channels.

50th Anniversary Social Media

The anniversary Facebook page will feature anniversary celebration news, collect and showcase information about what our member institutions are doing at the local level to advance the celebration. Members are invited to Tweet and leverage other social platforms as well.

Media Relations