The 50th Anniversary Celebration

The purpose of the AAVMC’s 50th Anniversary Celebration is much more than an effort to commemorate this important milestone; it is to illuminate the critical role that academic veterinary medicine plays in the modern world.

An AAVMC 50th Anniversary Committee was formed in Fall 2013. The group decided to mount a yearlong celebration leading up to the March 2016 meeting—the 50th year of service (1966-2016). The AAVMC has developed a series of communication products and special events designed to help member institutions embrace the celebration at the grassroots level and build public awareness and support throughout their service regions.

A six-minute video profile of the AAVMC and a television PSA have been produced. Throughout the anniversary year, deans will present the video and profile their institutions for state VMA’s, agricultural commodity organizations, university and community audiences and other groups. Communication officers will place the PSA with statewide television stations. Resolutions of recognition and support from state and federal government and major allied organizations will formally commemorate the anniversary year.

A special 50th anniversary edition of the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education in Fall 2015 will examine the AAVMC’s 50-year body of work from a more scholarly perspective. And noted veterinary medical historian and former Cornell Dean Dr. Don Smith will author a history book. Those publication covers will feature a painting specially commissioned for the anniversary.

And finally, federal government and corporate leaders will join the AAVMC in March 2016 for a Washington, D.C. Gala Celebration that will feature the announcement of a Grand Initiative, a transformational project conceived to help our colleges and our profession build momentum for the future.