Carefully read all instructions in the VMCAS Web application. The following tips are designed to supplement and not replace those instructions.
Be sure to check your designated colleges' evaluation requirements! Some schools DO NOT ACCEPT COMMITTEE or COMPOSITE evaluations. 

NOTE:  Beginning with VMCAS 2016, VMCAS no longer accepts individual letters of recommendation in paper form. They MUST be submitted electronically (eLOR).

eLOR - Electronic Letters of Recommendation

All VMCAS evaluations are to be completed electronically in the Evaluations section of the VMCAS application, with the exception of multipage committee letters and composite letters.

ALL evaluations are due on September 15 - 12:00 Midnight, Eastern Time.

By using eLOR:
Applicants can track the progress of their evaluations over the Internet -- no more worries about losing letters in the mail or wondering if their evaluators have responded.

Evaluators will find the eLOR portal simple to use -- filling out the evaluation form is quick, straightforward, and secure. Letters of recommendation are easily incorporated into the online form.

Evaluation requirements vary by institution; please access the College Specifications page and the schools' website prior to sending the VMCAS evaluation form to your evaluators for specific requirements.

Here is a quick FAQ about eLOR:

What is eLOR?

eLOR stands for electronic Letters of Recommendation. It is a feature that was added to the VMCAS web application in 2003. It gives applicants and evaluators the opportunity to complete the evaluation process over the Internet. Best of all it is simple and fast.

How does eLOR work?

All applicants must register their evaluator's information into the eLOR section of the web application.

Enter your evaluator's information into the spaces provided. The evaluator will then receive an email requesting them to log into the secure eLOR service and complete your evaluation. Evaluators have the option of denying your request.

Evaluators log into the eLOR system using the information provided in the email request, fill out the required sections, and submit at a time of their choosing up to the VMCAS application deadline. All evaluations must be completed by the application deadline. A comprehensive help section is provided and questions can be answered by a VMCAS professional by contacting us at vmcasinfo@vmcas.org or by calling the Student and Advisor Hotline at 617-612-2884.

Can I submit my application before the status has changed to "Completed" ?

Yes. As long as you have registered your minimum three evaluators in the eLOR section, you will be allowed to submit your application before the evaluations have been submitted.

What are composite and committee evaluation letters?

VMCAS defines a composite evaluation letter as multiple letters individually signed and grouped together. A composite letter must be accompanied by the same number of evaluation forms it represents.

VMCAS defines a committee evaluation letter as a single evaluation letter signed by multiple evaluators. This counts as only one evaluation. Attach a single VMCAS evaluation form to any committee letter.

So, the only difference between a committee and composite letter is the number of official evaluation forms that are attached. Some schools have additional policies on these types of evaluations; check with each school to which you are applying for further details.

How do I send out electronic committee letters?

NOTE: Please check with your evaluator to determine if your committee letter can be submitted within the electronic format.

Single page Committee Letters may be submitted through the eLOR system by registering either the committee chair or a designated alternate. An email will be generated from the system directing the assigned evaluator to the evaluator portal to complete the evaluation. In the eLOR system, you would register your committee chairperson (or designated alternate) as “electronic” or “eLOR”.


How do I send out electronic Composite Letters?

At this time, the eLOR system does not support electronic composite letters. You must still submit composite letters in paper form with the necessary attachments. Please click HERE for how to submit. There must be equal numbers of evaluation forms for the number of letters being submitted (i.e., if you wish to have the composite letter count for three evaluations, it must have three evaluation forms submitted). To register a composite letter in the eLOR system, you should register one “other” for each evaluation that the composite letter is supposed to represent.

Where does the evaluator place my personal letter of recommendation on the electronic form?

At the end of the electronic evaluation form, there is a free text field provided for evaluators to cut and paste their personal letter of recommendation.

My evaluator did not receive the email request. What happened?

Assuming the email address was entered correctly, the most likely reason is that the email address that you entered for the evaluator has spam filtering which is blocking our messages. Have your evaluator check their spam folder within a week or two of registering them. They can also disable the filter, or use a different email address.

If the evaluator continues to have difficulty, please call the Student and Advisor Hotline 617-612-2884 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting  617-612-2884  FREE   end_of_the_skype_highlighting or send an email to vmcasinfo@vmcas.org

My evaluator can't login with the username and password? What should they do now?

  • First, make sure they are at the correct login page. It should say “VMCAS References for 2018 Enrollment” near the top of the page.
  • Have the evaluator copy and paste the username and password directly from the email into the login screen.
  • Make sure there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end of their username and password.

If the evaluator continues to have difficulty, please call the Student and Advisor Hotline 617-612-2884  or send an email to vmcasinfo@vmcas.org