Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare

Dedicated to improving overall pet health

The AAVMC is a member of the Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare (PPPH), which is focused on a singular mission  -- working together to ensure that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular veterinary visits.

  • Your veterinary associations, academia, and industry leaders have established the Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare, an organization seeking to collaborate with the veterinary profession in improving the health of our nation’s pets.
  •  FACT: An increasing number of dogs and cats in the U.S. do not get the regular preventive care check-ups they need to stay healthy. This trend began long before the recent economic downturn.
  • Through an educational grant, the Partnership supported the development of the recently published AAHA/AVMA Canine and Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines, which were written by a joint AAHA/AVMA Task Force. The guidelines provide a roadmap for comprehensive preventive healthcare and are intended to help healthcare teams communicate the vital importance of preventive care to pet owners.
  • For 2012 and beyond, the Partnership anticipates introducing educational initiatives and tools to assist and support veterinary healthcare teams. The Partnership will also increase pet owner awareness and engagement through consumer-directed initiatives.

Practicing in today’s environment can be challenging. Client visits are down, and not just because of the economy. Pet owners use alternative channels for products and information—39% of them go to the internet for pet health information before contacting their veterinarian. Pet owners do not always see the value of preventive care. In a recent study, veterinarians themselves indicated that they could be doing a better job in communicating the importance and value of preventive healthcare.

The opportunity.

While there are challenges, there are also opportunities. The Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare was formed specifically to ensure that pets receive the preventive care they deserve through regular veterinary visits. The Partnership includes AVMA, AAHA, NAVTA, and 16 other associations, animal healthcare and pet food companies, distributors, pet insurance providers, and national practices.

All of the Partnership members are committed to supporting veterinarians and their healthcare teams in the delivery of high-quality preventive care. Development of the AAHA/AVMA Canine and Feline Healthcare Guidelines was supported by the Partnership because they provide an excellent roadmap to complete and effective preventive healthcare for all pets. Going forward, we will be developing tools and practice aids that will enable you to accomplish your goals and deliver excellent pet care to all of your patients. Further, we will be delivering messages to pet owners, encouraging them to see their veterinarian regularly.

Working together, we have an opportunity for improved pet health, increased longevity of the bond between pets and their owners, and practice growth.

Access a downloadable guide to canine preventive healthcare here.

Access a downloadable guide to feline preventive healthcare here.

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