2018 Annual Meeting Focuses
on Innovation in Education


About 265 educators gathered at the 2018 AAVMC annual meeting to consider innovations in teaching and assessment, health and wellness, and international academic veterinary medicine.

Innovation in education was the theme of this year’s AAVMC annual conference and it didn’t disappoint.

Dozens of international experts presented talks that spanned the arc of teaching and learning, and a game-changing Competency Based Veterinary Education Framework (CBVE) was introduced.

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AAVMC Annual Conference Focuses on Innovation in Education
Innovation in education was the theme of this year’s AAVMC annual conference and it didn’t disappoint. Most of the 265 educators attending returned to campus with fresh ideas and new perspectives on technology, assessment, multicenter collaboration, international academic veterinary medicine and a host of other topics.
International experts presented dozens of talks that spanned the arc of teaching and learning. Presentations ranged from a virtual reality excursion through a dog’s circulatory system to an examination of how our counterparts in human medical education handle quality assurance in professional education.

Advocacy Day

New Slate of Officers Assumes Leadership at AAVMC

With the AAVMC Assembly now formally situated within the March annual conference, AAVMC leadership terms have now officially changed from July to July to March to March.
Dr. Calvin Johnson, dean of the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, has assumed his duties as president of the AAVMC. Johnson had been serving as president-elect of the organization. AAVMC by-laws call for the president-elect to assume the senior leadership position following a year of service as president-elect.
Dr. Michael Lairmore, dean of the University of California – Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, was named president-elect following an intra-organizational election held in late-January. Lairmore, board certified by both the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) and American College of Veterinary Microbiologists (ACVM), has served as dean at California since 2011. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine.

Friday Conference

AAVMC Rolls Out Competency-Based Learning Program to Improve Veterinary Medical Education

More than two years in development and informed by work done in other health professions, the CBVE Framework has the potential to anchor transformational change in curricular development and assessment.
A new Competency-Based Veterinary Education (CBVE) program that aims to improve veterinary medical education and quality assurance was introduced during the AAVMC’s 2018 annual conference.
It’s an outcomes-based, learner-centered approach to veterinary medical education that uses a shared framework and language to help ensure that every veterinary medical college student graduates with competencies that enable them to be successful from their first day as independent veterinarians.

Saturday Conference

AAVMC Career Fair Informs and Inspires Prospective Veterinary Students

The AAVMC Career Fair annually attracts hundreds of potential veterinary medical students and showcases opportunities available at many member institutions.
An estimated 500 prospective veterinary medical students and guests converged on the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C. on March 4 for the AAVMC’s 2018 Veterinary Medical Career Fair and Information Sessions.
The event was free for any high school or undergraduate student with an interest in the veterinary medical profession.
Students gathered information from more than 20 veterinary medical schools at display tables staffed by college representatives, as well as representatives from the American Veterinary Medical Association and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Sunday Conference

CIVME Presents Update at Annual Conference

With a dedicated leadership team in place, CIVME is emerging as a major entity helping shape and improve international academic veterinary medicine.
The AAVMC’s Council for Veterinary Medical Education (CIVME) presented an update regarding their activities during the recent AAVMC annual conference. Entitled “How has veterinary education evolved across the globe: Reports from the CIVME Regions,” the session featured profiles and priorities for academic veterinary medicine in various regions of the world.
CIVME works to advance the quality of international academic veterinary medicine by encouraging communication and collaboration among regions and disseminating information about innovations and best practices.