Three Core Components of Our Strategic Plan



Acquire, analyze and add value to data that will advance scholarship and advocacy

High-quality empirical data provides the foundation for every decision and every program in organizations that are science-driven and evidence-based. Fortunately, it is a historic and fundamental strength of the AAVMC that continues to grow in utility and power.

Data gathered by AAVMC helps member institutions share best practices, improve performance, and inform planning for the future through environmental scanning and trend analysis. AAVMC data also helps collaborating organizations, businesses and other stakeholders succeed in the complex enterprise of modern veterinary medicine.


Strengthen AAVMC’s role as facilitator and catalyst for challenges, innovation and contemporary issues

Bringing the best minds in academic veterinary medicine together to focus on the issues of the day and envision a brighter future is also a historic role and strength of the AAVMC. AAVMC meetings buzz with intellectual energy and creativity. Innovation and discovery born of insight and collaboration at these gatherings has led to countless advancements in veterinary education.

Technology has now created opportunities for new forms of synergy as virtual meetings and instant digital communities focus the power of cooperation in real time. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, the AAVMC’s peer-reviewed academic journal, is playing an increasingly important role in establishing virtual communities of intellectual interest and collaboration.


Strengthen advocacy and communication to inform and increase influence with government, the profession and relevant stakeholders

Effective communication, mutual understanding and advocacy are paramount in a world linked more profoundly and more instantaneously than ever before by digital communications. Advocating for academic veterinary medicine was a core goal behind the creation of the AAVMC in 1966; in today’s hyper-communicated world, it is mission-critical.

Federal and state governments pass legislation, create regulations and shape policy every day in ways that can advance and constrain the profession. Protecting and promoting our public policy interests requires real-time monitoring and action. Compounding this urgency is the speed with which technology-enabled interest groups create grassroots political movements and coalitions that coincide or contrast with AAVMC interests. That same hyper-connectivity has made it imperative for successful organizations to speak — and listen — to their stakeholders with clarity and attention.