VetSchool Student Engagement System (VSES)

Welcome to the VetSchool Student Engagement System (VSES) - we're glad you're here!


VSES is an opt-in newsletter style engagement system that sends customized newsletters called "Pathways" on a monthly basis. The information in Pathways is tailored to meet the needs of your academic status:
  • High School,
  • Freshmen/Sophomore (College),
  • Junior/Senior/Post Bac (Pre-Vets)
We also have editions of Pathways for:
  • Parents* (based on the status of their son or daughter)
  • Pre-Vet and Pre-Health Advisors

Your Account Moves With You!

High School students will receive general information on preparing early for veterinary school. At any time, you may change your status to receive a different edition of Pathways which will bring you news and information based on your new status. Of course, you can opt-out any time you wish if you no longer wish to receive your monthly edition of Pathways.

*Note: The "current school" field is required. If you are a parent, please list your son/daughter's school name. If you are Post Bacc, please list the school from which you received your degree.

How Do I Join?

Simply click on the link below to begin your monthly mailings of Pathways! We look forward to having you join us!

If you have questions, please email us at: