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AVMA Economic Summit Tied to VDI Strategy

  • AVMA Economic Summit Tied to VDI Strategy
  • Educational Debt is a Hot Topic at the AVMA Economic Summit
  • Students Bear Brunt of Higher Education Cuts: Report
  • Newly Released College Affordability Act
  • Employer Student Loan Repayment Program: 5 Tips for 2020
  • PSLF Updates
  • Student Debt Affects the Housing Market
  • Student Loan Default Rate Continues to Decline
  • Free Tuition at Public Colleges in New Mexico?
  • Veterinary Debt in the Spotlight: VDI Speaker Events

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  • VDI Focuses Efforts at Monthly Meeting
  • SAVMA Develops Toolkit for Students to Use with Administrators
  • New CE Webinars Address Financial Issues on AVMA Axon
  • NPR Promotes Online Group Created to Help Veterinarians In Crisis
  • New Study Examines Long-term Impact of Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Paying off Student Debt is a Significant Life Milestone For Millennials
  • New Book Examines College Conundrum
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Update
  • Study Finds Student Debt Reinforces the Racial Wealth Gap
  • In the News: Deceptive Student Loan Practices
  • New Survey Highlights What Americans Think About Higher Education
  • A Graduate Program’s Twist on Alternative Financing
  • Educational Debt has been a Hot Topic in the Podcast Arena
  • VDI Speaker Events
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  • States Respond to Decrease in Student Loan Servicer Oversight
  • VDI Co-Lead Organizations Respond to NIFA’s Move to Kansas City Region
  • An Economic Perspective on Income Share Agreements
  • TIAA-MIT AgeLab Study Finds Student Loan Debt Affects Family Relationships, Longevity Planning and Retirement Saving
  • Study Shows Life Aspirations Impacted by Student Debt
  • VDI Co-Lead Organizations Urge Department of Education to Address Problems with PSLF
  • Survey Shows Most College Students (and Most Adults) Have Problems with Debt and Financial Literacy
  • VDI Co-Lead Organization Pressures Lawmakers to Reauthorize the Higher Education Act
  • New Report Shows Student Loans Outpacing Other Household Debt In Certain Circumstances
  • An Inside Look at the Escalation of U.S. College Tuition Costs
  • Veterinary Debt in the Spotlight: VDI Speaker Events

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  • Veterinary Debt Initiative Lead Organizations Finalize Plans for 2019
  • A Census of Veterinarians in the United States
  • A New Report Suggests Financial Literacy Courses Should Be Mandatory for Students
  • AVMA Ecomonics Team Provides Primer on Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • CSU Takes Integrative Approach to Financial Education for DVM Students
  • My Veterinary Life Podcast Discusses Student Debt
  • NBER Working Paper Examines Effects of Decline in State Funding for Public Universities
  • Veterinary Debt Relief Program Receives Make the Difference Award
  • Survey Respondents Say They Regret Student Loans
  • Veterinary Debt in the Spotlight: VDI Speaker Events 
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  • A New Graduate Playbook for Student Loans
  • The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Wins Scholarship Fundraising Award
  • How do Students Pay for Their College Education?
  • A Closer Look at College Tuition
  • Student Debt Forgiveness
  • Federal Student Loan Interest Rates Decrease
  • Veterinary Debt in the Spotlight: VDI Speaker Events
  • Thought Piece from AAVMC's CEO, Dr. Andrew Maccabe

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  • AAVMC Releases 2019 Cost Comparison Tool to Help Students Develop Financial Plan
  • AAVMC Members Receive Veterinary Service Grants Program Awards
  • USDA Seeks Veterinary Shortage Nominations
  • Spotlight On: Veterinary Loan Forgiveness Program
  • Veterinarian as Sole Income Earner for Family
  • From Macroeconomics to Personal Finance: What Can We Learn?

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  • The State of the State: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Releases Report on States' Higher Education Funding
  • AVMA President Provides Update on Student Debt Issue 
  • Seven Ways to Reduce School Debt 
  • Take Note: IRS Resource for Understanding New Tax Law
  • Federal Policy Update: House Movement on Additional Tax and Savings Proposals
  • Where do DVMs Fit in the U.S. Student Debt Crisis?
  • Spotlight on Veterinary Student Debt Solutions: Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
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  • The ROI for Higher Education in Food and Agriculture
  • Colorado’s Youth-Apprenticeship Program: A Unique Pathway of Education
  • ‘My Veterinary Life’ Website Provides Financial Resources for Veterinary Students, Early Professionals
  • U.S. Department of Education Releases First Data on Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
  • With New Regulation of Investment Professionals Scuttled, Questions About How Investors Should Proceed
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  • Veterinary Debt Initiative Gains Momentum 
  • AAVMC Establishes Institutional Award for Fundraising Excellence
  • ‘My Veterinary Life’ Website Provides Financial Resources for Veterinary Students, Early Professionals
  • New AVMA Video Takes the Guesswork Out of Student Debt Repayment
  • AVMA Read & Learn Webinar Offers Refresher Course in Personal Finance