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Latest Newsletter: Spring 2019


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Newsletter Archive

 Spring 2019 (V3:2)
 Winter 2019 (V3:1)
 Fall 2018 (V2:4)
 Summer 2018 (V2:3)
 Spring 2018 (V2:2)
 Winter 2018 (V2:1)  A Shift in Focus
 Fall 2017 (V1.7) Regional Focus: Middle East and North Africa
 Summer 2017 (V1.6) Regional Focus: China/SE Asia/South Asia (Indian-subcontinent)
 Spring 2017 (V1.5) Regional Focus: United Kingdom and Ireland
 Winter 2017 (V1.4) Regional Focus: Latin America
 Fall 2016 (V.1:3): Fall, 2016 Regional Focus: Australasia  |  CIVME Research Grant
 Summer 2016 (V.1:2):  Regional Focus: Africa  |  Educational Scholarship - What do we mean?  |  4th OIE Global Conference
 Spring 2016 (V.1:1): Inaugural Edition  |  Launch of CIVME  |  Who is CIVME (roster)