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AAVMC Wellbeing Committee


The newly established AAVMC Wellbeing Committee is an Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors. The Wellbeing Committee supports the AAVMC’s Strategic Goal 4 to “advance teaching and learning to prepare students, faculty, and academic staff for professional success in a wide variety of careers.” The work of the committee is to use data and evidence-based approaches to promote a climate of wellbeing throughout the academic veterinary medical community. The Wellbeing Committee is charged to:

  • Assist in the development, promotion, and execution of activities outlined in the overarching Academic Veterinary Medicine Wellbeing Strategic Plan.
  • Provide relevant information to AAVMC initiatives, programs, committees, and task forces that contribute to the overall wellbeing efforts within the academic environment.
  • Develop and/or collaborate on wellbeing-related conferences and symposia.


The Wellbeing Committee shall be composed of members who have wellbeing initiatives as a part of their portfolio; these individuals may be Academic Veterinary Wellbeing Professionals leaders, CVM Deans, faculty who teach wellbeing competencies, or Associate Deans of Academic Affairs who have wellbeing as part of their institutional responsibilities. The membership of the Wellbeing committee will be comprised of 6-7 geographically diverse members with at least two (2) members representing an international member institution. The Wellbeing Committee will recommend to the AAVMC President, one member of its nominated leadership group to serve as Chair-Elect. The initial committee membership will be offered in 1-, 2-, or 3-year appointments in order to facilitate an appropriate rotation schedule. Subcommittees will be established within the Wellbeing Committee.

The wellbeing subcommittees are the following:

  • Research
  • Curriculum & Training
  • Culture & Climate