AAVMC Policy and Position Statements

AAVMC Policies & Procedures Manual

The AAVMC Policies & Procedures Manual is the official compilation of all policies, procedures, and organizational practices adopted by the AAVMC Assembly, Board of Directors, or Executive Director.

This is a living document, changed from time to time by the AAVMC Assembly, Board of Directors, or Executive Director. If you download this document, you should refer back here to ensure that your version is still the most recent, most up-to-date version.

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AAVMC Position Statements

The AAVMC Position Statements document is the official compilation of all position statements adopted by the AAVMC Assembly, Board of Directors, or Executive Director.

Accreditation of International Programs

The AAVMC supports the accreditation of international veterinary medical colleges by the Council on Education and the development of international accreditation systems.

Addressing Societal Needs
The AAVMC recognizes its obligation to prepare veterinarians for professional practice in the broad variety of ways in which veterinary medicine serves societal needs.

Definition of Diversity
The concept of diversity encompasses respect, understanding and appreciation for differences in people and the value and strength of diversity in a team or group.

Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Veterinary Medicine
The AAVMC affirms the principle of inclusive excellence in veterinary medical education and actively works to advance diversity and inclusiveness.

Principles of Inclusion
The values imbedded in our Principles of Inclusion promote personal freedom, dignity, respect and justice, and reject prejudice and discrimination in every form.

Protecting Student Privacy
The AAVMC recognizes the importance of protecting students’ rights to privacy and is guided by law and the journalistic principle of reporting the truth while minimizing harm.

Third Party Ranking Systems
The AAVMC does not endorse third party ranking systems of colleges of veterinary medicine and believes all member institutions provide quality educational programs.

Use of Animals in Education
The AAVMC recognizes the role of live animals in the instructional process, yet encourages minimal use and requires humane practices.

Visiting Veterinary Medical Students on Clinical Rotations
The AAVMC supports reciprocal short-term clinical training opportunities for students among member institutions.

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