About VetCAN


The Veterinary Career Advisor Network (VetCAN) was founded in 2014 as a resource and network for individuals working with veterinary students and alumni in the area of career and professional development.  Prior to 2012, there were no colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States that had an office dedicated solely to the career development of veterinary students. As colleges began to add career offices, resources and best practices were being shared informally across those institutions and several veterinary associations and organizations.  With the intent to create a collaborative environment to foster conversations and streamline the sharing of important information, a formal network was established.


To connect veterinary career professionals, and their institutions, to encourage collaboration and the development of best practices to better serve veterinary students and the profession.  


  1. Serve as a resource for veterinary career professionals
  2. Educate and empower the constituents we serve
  3. Develop and guide career and professional development initiatives
  4. Advocate for the importance of veterinary career professionals and our mission
  5. Create best practice tools and resources specific to the field of veterinary medicine

What is a veterinary career advisor?   

VetCAN is comprised of veterinary career professionals at AAVMC member institutions, who in some capacity:

  • Assist Students, alumni, and other members of the veterinary community in their career and professional development
  • Build and maintain relationships with veterinary employers
  • Engage alumni and help facilitate meaningful relationships with students

Veterinary career professionals are involved in an important process—helping students and job-seeking alumni choose and attain personally rewarding careers. Additionally, our members also help employers develop effective relationships and recruiting strategies which contribute to improved candidate selection for their practices and organizations. Employers, recruiters and partners who are not affiliated with an AAVMC institution are welcome to connect with VetCAN and learn more about our programs by engaging with us by emailing VetCAN@aavmc.org

*Adapted from the 2016 professional standards outlined by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)  

Executive Board 2018-2020

Stith Keiser – Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine (Chair)
Katelyn Jerles – University of Florida (Chair-Elect)
Amanda Fark – The Ohio State University (Past Chair)
Gena Grant – The Ohio State University (Secretary)
Adrienne Marcus – Colorado State University (Treasurer)
Paul Edwards - Michigan State University (Director of Membership)
Janel Lang – University of California – Davis (Director of External Communication)


Amanda Bates - North Carolina State University
Randy Evans – Lincoln Memorial University
Caryn Stivelman – University of Pennsylvania
Nathalie Mather-L’Huillier – Ross University
Gillian Kruskall – Tufts University