Billy E. Hooper Award for Distinguished Service

Nomination Period Opens: September 2, 2020
Nomination Deadline: October 15, 2020

Nominees should be part of the veterinary community and have a history of service, research, education, or participation in the veterinary community. Individuals with limited contributions to the veterinary medical profession or academic veterinary medical education should not be considered.
Who may nominate
Any individual employed at an AAVMC member institution.
The awardee will be notified in November 2020. The award includes a $1000 honorarium. The awardee is expected to attend the AAVMC Annual Conference in March 2021 to receive the award and will be featured in a 3-minute tribute video. Awardee's reasonable costs (registration, travel, housing, meals) for attending the Annual Conference will be covered by AAVMC. 
What to submit

Nomination letter addressing the award criteria (see below).

Where to submit materials
Materials should be submitted using the following survey linked here 
Award criteria
1.    The nominee's contribution made should be to academic veterinary medical education, not the profession at large or
       education generally.
2.    The contribution may be a fundamental one-time contribution, or incremental over time ("a body of work").
3.    Areas in which the contribution might be made include, but are not limited to:
        a.   Leadership of an AAVMC member institution
        b.   Development of a curriculum, or a curricular model
        c.   Development of clinical teaching methods, or a clinical model
        d.   Advancement of the science of veterinary medical practice
        e.   Advancement of the business of veterinary medical practice
        f.    Advancement in fundamental concepts of the veterinary profession (e.g., the development of the concept of One Health)
        g.   Advancement in the non-clinical practice of the veterinary profession (e.g., advancing the public's understanding of the
              scope of veterinary practice)
        h.   Advancement in the research of pedagogy of veterinary medical education
        i.    Advancement in the understanding of the economics of, political support for, educational milieu, or physical plant of
              academic veterinary medical education.
        j.    Advancement in concepts of recruitment or admissions
        k.   Advancement in the understanding of concepts of or promotion of diversity (in all its forms) in academic
              veterinary medical education
        l.    Advancement in concepts or promotion of leadership, or in providing leadership training, in academic
              veterinary medical education
        m.  The provision of information, knowledge, or solutions to AAVMC members' work
        n.    Acting as an effective catalyst or convener of issues of importance to academic veterinary medical education
4.    The significance of the contribution should be major. "Major" is contextual. In under-developed fields, minor advances may be
        considered  major. Advancement in a well-developed field would need to be much more significant.
5.    Contributions need not be recent, as it may take time before the significance of an advance becomes recognized.
6.    The goal of this award is to recognize those who have helped to transform academic veterinary medical
       education in some way. Mere effectiveness or popularity should not be enough.
7.    The Billy E. Hooper Award should not be presented to an individual whose contribution is primarily limited to advocacy or
       research. Generally speaking, these individuals should receive the Senator John Melcher Award for Public Policy Leadership
       or the AAVMC Excellence in Research Award.
8.    Controversy over the contribution should not disqualify an individual from receiving the Billy Hooper Award, although the
       contribution made should not be in conflict with the publicly published AAVMC mission statement, vision statement,
       values statement, or strategic goals and objectives.

Award committee
The AAVMC Executive Committee serves as the selection committee.
Background and past recipients
The Billy E. Hooper Award is an annual honor established in January 1990 by the Board of Directors to recognize an individual whose leadership and vision have made a significant contribution to academic veterinary medicine. The Pew National Veterinary Education Program (PNVEP) provided an initial grant to support the award. In 2015, the Board of Directors established an endowment fund for the award. Originally called the Recognition Lecture, the name was changed to the Billy E. Hooper Award for Distinguished Service by the Board of Directors in 2016.

Past recipients of the AAVMC Billy E. Hooper Award for Distinguished Service (2003–present)

       2020    Dr. Eleanor Green
       2019    Dr. Elizabeth Strand 
       2018    Dr. Norman B. Williamson
       2017    Dr. Francisco J. Trigo Tavera
       2016    Dr. Ralph Richardson
       2015    Dr. Lance Perryman
       2014    Dr. Joe Kornegay
       2013    Dr. James Coffman
       2012    Dr. Malcolm Getz
       2011    Dr. Peter Eyre
       2010    Ms. Patricia Lowrie
       2009    Dr. Keith Prasse
       2008    Dr. J.T. Vaughn
       2007    Dr. John Shadduck
       2006    Dr. Richard Dierks
       2005    Dr. W. R. Pritchard
       2004    Dr. N. Ole Nielsen
       2003    Dr. Bill Jenkins