Competency-Based Veterinary Education (CBVE)

Competency-based veterinary education is an approach modeled after competency-based medical education and is designed to prepare graduates for professional careers by confirming their ability to meet the needs of animals and the expectations of society. This approach focuses on outcomes-based and learner-centered education and assessment. This website provides resources on the CBVE framework, Entrustable Professional Activities and Milestones. Additional work products will be added as they become available.

Working Group

The AAVMC CBVE Working Group was created and charged with developing a modern competency framework for veterinary education and clinical assessment in July 2015. The group began by systematically analyzing the most contemporary work in competency-based education undertaken in health professions like human medicine. The result of their labor represents one of the most substantial pedagogical projects ever undertaken by the AAVMC. We invite our colleges and schools to embrace this framework as a tool to use in any way they see fit, whether they are in the process of refining or completely redesigning their professional curricula.

Membership and Co-chairs: The CBVE Working group includes representatives from veterinary colleges and schools across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the U.K. and some with experience from Australia.

Co-chairs: Kristin Chaney (Texas A&M University) and Jennie Hodgson (Virginia Tech) Members: Harold Bok (Utrecht University), Dr. Jared Danielson (Iowa State University), Jan Ilkiw (University of California – Davis), Susan Matthew (Washington State University), Stephen May (Royal Veterinary College), Emma Read (University of Calgary), Bonnie Rush (Kansas State University), Kathy Salisbury (Purdue University)

Advisors: Jody Frost, Ted Mashima