2019–2020 AAVMC Leadership Academy

AAVMC launched the Leadership Academy in 2012 to provide leadership development for emerging leaders in academia and to provide a forum for building lasting ties between faculty members at veterinary schools and departments around the world. While there are many types of leadership development training available, the AAVMC Leadership Academy is unique in that it is focused on helping develop tomorrow’s leaders of academic veterinary medicine. The participants quickly bond with one another and will find that they have colleagues and friends they can communicate with as they progress through their careers.

2018–2019 Leadership Academy Class
Program Overview
Effective leadership results from a clear understanding of who we are as individuals and how this shapes the ways we show up in leadership roles combined with knowledge and skills to interact with and thoughtfully influence people and processes within organizational environments.  In short, it’s about knowing who we are, what needs to be done and how best to do it.
The AAVMC Leadership Academy will address the components of effective leadership by following three recurring threads in each of the three meetings that include communication skills, emotional intelligence and living leadership (applied leadership skills).  Expert speakers from across the USA and Canada will deliver this high impact program. 
Meeting Dates and Content:
September 4-6, 2019, Indianapolis, IN
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • When Teams Aren't Functioning
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Media Training
December 5-7, 2019, College Station, TX
  • Strategic Thinking and Management
  • Self-Awareness and Implicit Bias
  • Managing Conflict
  • The Art and Practice of Feedback (includes simulation sessions)
  • Audience-Focused Communication
March 3-5, 2020, Washington, DC (just before AAVMC Annual Conference)
  • Balancing the Demands of Leadership
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Effective Advocacy
  • On Leadership: Academic Administrators Panel
  • Advocacy Visits in Washington, DC
Additional Activities
  • Peer learning calls – Telephone or video conference calls will be held with participants in small groups (4-5 people).  These calls will explore participants’ goals and experience working with and implementing the knowledge and skills learned to date.
Enrollment Information
Participation is limited to faculty and staff at AAVMC member institutions. Each member institution is eligible to enroll one participant. Each participant's name and email must be submitted by the dean's office to Leslie Wilson, Program Manager at lwilson@aavmc.org no later than June 7, 2019. The participant will then be contacted with a link to the registration site.
Members wishing to enroll more than one participant may submit additional names to be wait listed for additional seats should they become available. Leadership Academy enrollment requires that each participant commit to attend all three sessions. Split attendance, where different individuals each attend a different session, is not permitted.
Attendance Costs
Thanks to the generous support of Elanco, AAVMC is able to offer enrollment in the Academy with no registration fee. The only costs to the institution are travel and lodging support for the participants to attend each session.
Testimonials from Previous Participants
"If every unit leader was exposed to this educational experience, I think it would completely change the culture of academia for the better."
"The Academy has been excellent throughout. The sessions provided were directly relevant to issues we are working through now."
"I have strongly recommended it to my dean for others in my institution."
"It was great to be able to get to know your teammates over time. I feel like I was able to make connections with the other attendees and that helped make the whole experience better. I got a lot out of all the sessions."
"I heard this quote several times: 'We all have the same problems and issues at our schools.' It was common to discuss a project/directive someone was working on that someone else had just dealt with."
“The experience on Capitol Hill has made me a believer in advocating for the profession and encouraging my colleagues to do the same.”