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Improving livestock health overall aim of WCVM research studies

Detecting infectious poultry diseases more quickly and developing regional influenza vaccines for pigs are among 28 innovative livestock and forage research projects at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) that will receive funding through the Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) in 2023.

Where’s the Beef? UW-Madison Scientists Develop, Research Artificial Meat

Several companies have shown artificial meat is indeed beyond the realm of impossibility. Beyond and Impossible are two faux meat brands you likely see in restaurants and in stores. The quest continues to create more similar products that are edible, replicate the texture of meat, and taste good. Part of that effort is happening right here […]

Preparing Your Food Animals To Beat The Cold

When the weather dips into cold and freezing temperatures, especially at night, humans stay cozy by turning on heaters and pulling out extra blankets. Food animals, on the other hand, require special preparation to stay warm and survive cold weather conditions. Dr. Isabelle Louge, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary […]

Texas A&M Is Home To World’s Top Two Dog Experts

In addition to employing the top two experts on the topic, Texas A&M University is listed as the world’s fifth most knowledgeable institution on dogs. Photo by Mickey Grebe ’19, aka “The Phodografur“ The top two experts on dogs in the world are faculty members at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical […]

Lab-Grown Eye Cells Form New Neural Connections

A research team led by Dr. David Gamm from the University of Wisconsin, Madison has been experimenting with growing human eye cells in culture. The post Lab-Grown Eye Cells Form New Neural Connections appeared first on School of Veterinary Medicine.