CIVME Awards 2019 Research Grants

Washington, D.C., April 23, 2019 – The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges’ (AAVMC) Council on International Veterinary Medical Education (CIVME) has funded three program grants designed to foster the enrichment and advancement of international academic veterinary medicine. This year, which is the third year of the program, 27 proposals representing collaborative efforts from more than 40 institutions around the world were received and considered during the process.

CIVME was founded in 2016 to help advance AAVMC interests in elevating the quality of international academic veterinary medicine. Specifically, the charge from the AAVMC Board of Directors was to “advance high-quality veterinary education internationally through enabling and empowering best practice.” CIVME seeks to advance their initiatives by promoting inter-regional collaboration.

CIVME addresses that through:

  • Communication and collaboration that advances veterinary medical education around the world
  • Facilitating collaboration among educational researchers
  • Disseminating innovations and other educational advances to educators and institutions to magnify the impact of projects

Funded programs and principle investigators include:

  • Optimizing work-based learning in veterinary undergraduate studies by identifying factors and issues that contribute to the experiences of students, placement providers and faculty; Dr. Hoque, Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh
  • Establishing evidence-based wellness practices for veterinary medical students to decrease burnout, depression, anxiety and improve quality of life: A response to increasing rates of veterinarian suicide; Dr. Chigerwe, University of California- Davis, United States
  • Art and Identity: Using creative methods to support professional identity formation: The students’ perspective; Dr. Elizabeth Armitage-Chan, Royal Veterinary College, London, United Kingdom

CIVME comprises representatives from eight major global regions (Australasia, North America, Central/South America, Continental Europe, UK/Ireland, Middle East, Africa and Asia).

The AAVMC is a nonprofit membership organization working to protect and improve the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment around the world by advancing academic veterinary medicine. Members include 49 accredited veterinary medical colleges in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean Basin, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. 

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