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AAVMC CEO Shares Perspective on Educational Debt

Educational debt in the United States now exceeds $1.5 trillion. Many experts believe this level of debt represents a substantial threat to future economic wellbeing. This debt-load is the result of decades of rising tuition costs that have occurred across the spectrum of higher education and professional school, and it has certainly affected academic veterinary […]

Letter to Applicants

AAVMC CEO Dr. Andrew T. Maccabe has shared a letter with applicants which summarizes many of the steps the AAVMC has taken to make the process function more smoothly during the pandemic emergency.

Updated Veterinary Medical School Admissions Policies in Response to COVID-19

The AAVMC has gathered comprehensive data from institutions on provisional changes made to their admission policies because of the pandemic. The changes noted are effective for Spring 2020 coursework impacted by COVID-19 and prerequisites for Fall 2021 matriculation. Please be aware that requirements noted in the PDF may vary from information contained in the VMSAR […]

Black Lives Matter

Racism is a public health issue, and every sector of society has a role to play in finding a cure.