Pre-Veterinary Resources

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  The number one question students want to know about becoming a veterinarian: "How do I get into Veterinary School?"

Pre-High School Resources

Vet Set Go is the first and only web community designed for aspiring veterinarians. It is a unique way of helping future veterinarians connect with today’s veterinarians. It is also a resource where veterinary tweens and teens can learn about the science of animals.

( Click the logo below to go to the VetSetGo website)

How to Prepare in High School
  • Gain a solid background in math and science.
  • Take part in extracurricular activities (athletics, school clubs, FFA, etc)
  • Study and maintain a high GPA and high SAT/ACT scores.
  • Acquire as much experience with pets as possible. Consider volunteering at your local humane society or with a local veterinarian.
How to Prepare as a College Undergraduate
  • Take a pre-vet or comparable curriculum, that is, one that includes math and several science courses such as biology and chemistry.
  • Maintain a high GPA
  • Gain as much broad exposure to veterinary medicine as possible. Consider job shadowing with veterinarians, scientists, working on a farm or volunteering at an animal shelter.
  • Join a Pre-Vet club. Most colleges and University have a chapter. See more information below:

The AAVMC and VMCAS are proud to collaborate with the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA). Through its website, the APVMA has a number of resources for students who are thinking about veterinary school, as well as those that are getting ready to apply through VMCAS. To learn more about the APVMA, click on their logo at left or click the link above to go to their facebook page.

The APVMA Symposium held annually at a U.S. Veterinary College. Click HERE for more information.

This guide explores and explains the different career paths that are available in this occupational sector, including the education that is needed to get a job, the salaries that top animal careers command, and the types of organizations that are looking to hire caring and compassionate animal lovers. ( Click the banner below for more information)

APVMA "VetVids" project is up and running.

We're pleased to bring you the first installment of the APVMA's VetVid Series. In this video: Check out their episode featured in the link below where Molly Corder (APVMA President) interviews Cleveland Equine Clinic's Dr. Corey Paradine about her career as an equine veterinarian.

AVMA Series on Becoming a Veterinarian (Three Parts)