Racism is a public health issue, and every sector of society has a role to play in finding a cure. Here's what we're doing ...

The AAVMC has been a champion of equality since its inception. Explore some of the links below that detail some of our many programs in diversity and inclusion and glimpses of some of the successes we have achieved over the years.

Addressing Societal Needs
Definition of DiversityHer
Diversity and inclusion in Academic Veterinary Medicine
Principles of Inclusion
DiVersity Matters
Diversity and Inclusion on Air Iverson Bell Award Increased Enrollment of Under-Represented Groups


Diversity and Inclusion on Air

On this special episode of Diversity and Inclusion on Air, Drs. Cara Williams, Tyra Davis, Tierra Price and Michael Blackwell sit down to talk about being Black and being veterinarians.They share personal and sometimes painful experiences and realities and how they cope with racism. In the end, they are hopeful that this moment in our history leads to meaningful change.

Some Important Data ...

Thanks to a deep commitment on the part of the AAVMC and its member institutions to increase diversity and inclusion in academic veterinary medicine, substantial progress has been made in increasing the level of underrepresented minority populations seeking careers in veterinary medicine.

Organizational Assessment Tools

These organizational and meeting assessment tools can help you improve your culture and your conferences.

AAVMC Conference/Symposia Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Tool
Intentional Organizational Diversity & Inclusion Efforts Assessment Tool


Diversity and Inclusion are part of our core values.

Diversity: We embrace the fundamental virtue and strength of diversity in every dimension.
Inclusion: We affirm the dignity and equity of all people and view collaboration as the cornerstone of successful relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion are part of our strategic goals.

Identify, inspire and recruit qualified and diverse applicants who will serve as the future veterinary medical workforce.

FASHP Statements

FASHP Statements Most members of the Federation of Associations of the Health Professions (FASHP) have issued a statement denouncing racism and affirming their positions on diversity and inclusion, according to CEO Dr. Andrew T. Maccabe, who is also president of FASHP. Click here to view excerpts of statements from other FASHP organizations.