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Veterinary Educator Collaborative

The Veterinary Educator Collaborative (VEC) is a working group under the associate deans of the Academic Affairs Committee of the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges that provides online and face-to-face collaboration and sharing between veterinary medical educators. VEC focuses on planning, faculty development, and sharing best practices. Participants exchange ideas, learn from each other, […]


Primary Care Veterinary Educators (PCVE) A primary care veterinary educator provides instruction and training in primary care. PCVE mission: To advance and inspire primary care veterinary educators worldwide. For the purpose of defining the AAVMC specific PCVE community, it is currently limited to those educators on the faculty/staff of an AAVMC member institution, whose primary/major […]

Competency-Based Veterinary Education (CBVE)

Competency-based veterinary education is an approach modeled after competency-based medical education and is designed to prepare graduates for professional careers by confirming their ability to meet the needs of animals and the expectations of society. This approach focuses on outcomes-based and learner-centered education and assessment. For a quick overview of our CBVE program, please see […]

Leadership Academy

2023-2024 AAVMC Leadership Academy  AAVMC launched the Leadership Academy in 2012 to provide leadership development for emerging leaders in academia and to provide a forum for building lasting ties between faculty members at veterinary schools and departments around the world. While there are many types of leadership development training available, the AAVMC Leadership Academy is […]


A Legacy of Leadership Leadership Development Leadership has never played a more important role in the future of veterinary medicine and the academic institutions that support it.  The AAVMC is preparing faculty members to play leadership roles in their colleges and universities and the veterinary profession through the Leadership Academy, the Public Policy Faculty Fellows […]

Professional Development

The AAVMC offers a variety of professional development programs and resources that are designed to enhance the career development of faculty members and administrators working at our member institutions. Our goal is to support our faculty members in their roles as educators, scholars, leaders and researchers. Meeting and conference opportunities include the AAVMC Annual Conference […]

Faculty & Educators

Promoting Excellence in Veterinary Medical Education The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) advances veterinary medicine by supporting the education and the preparation of a high-caliber workforce that can meet society’s future needs. We accomplish this by: Promoting veterinary medical education and research Leading the way in veterinary medical education advocacy Facilitating interaction and sharing […]

Academic Veterinary Wellbeing Professionals

The AAVMC’s Academic Veterinary Wellbeing Professionals (AVWP) provide the academic veterinary community with the support and wellbeing expertise necessary for students, staff, residents/interns, and faculty to be healthy, successful professionals in veterinary medicine. The work that AVWPs do is integral to the positive evolution of the veterinary medical education system, as research shows that veterinary […]


Personal and community wellbeing, even in high-performance environments like medical education, is not only possible, but crucial. As an AAVMC strategic plan priority, wellbeing is integral to our mission and goals and it goes beyond just the veterinary profession. Many other health professions share our commitment to cultivate a thriving profession, and we hope to […]


Facilitating Recruitment and Admissions Leading Students Through the Application Process The AAVMC hosts the Veterinary Medical College Application Service and publishes the Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements guide. We also provide support and guidance to applicants as they walk through the application process. Investigating and Implementing Recruitment Strategies How can academic veterinary medicine recruit the best and brightest to […]