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AAVMC Public Data

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges routinely provides access to certain data sets to the general public via our website. We are pleased to release the most recent collection of data for the 2015-2016 academic year. The report includes data on faculty, students, applicants and tuition from the 30 US schools and colleges of veterinary medicine. Some datasets also include information from our 19 Canadian and international members.

Annual Data Report 2015-2016

Table of Contents

Faculty Data
Student Related Data
Applicant Data
Tuition & Debt Data
Report Citation
Historical Annual Data Reports

Annual Data Report 2014-2015

Annual Data Report 2013-2014

Annual Data Report 2012-2013

Annual Data Report 2011-2012

Other Studies and Reports

Market for Veterinary Medical Education - AVMA Economic Summit Presentation - 2016

The Role of Veterinary Colleges in Reducing the Debt-to-Income Ratio - AVMA Economic Summit Presentation - 2016

2016 Resident and Intern Salaries Offered through VIRMP

Demand for Veterinary Medical Education - AVMA Economic Summit Presentation - 2015

AAVMC Member Institutions' Resident and Intern Salaries - 2015

Demand for Veterinary Medical Education - AVMA Economic Summit Presentation - 2014

AAVMC Member Institutions’ Resident and Intern Salaries – 2013

Survey of Recent US DVM Graduates – 2013

Survey of Projected American Graduates from Outside of the US - 2013


For additional data or information from AAVMC, please contact:
Ms. Lisa Greenhill
Associate Executive Director for Institutional Research and Diversity
202-371-9195 ext. 147
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