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Sunday, 20 October, 2013

The Effect of the Partial Government Shutdown on Academic Veterinary Medicine

 A Summary for our Members

  • Veterinary researchers funded by the NIH (the largest supplier of federal money for basic research at American colleges and universities) should not feel the impact of the shutdown because the agency just completed one of its three yearly cycles of grant awards to extramural researchers. Researchers approved for funding by USDA NIFA will experience a delay due to the shutdown.
  • The shutdown should not disrupt the awarding of student financial aid or the servicing of student loans in the short term. Commercial student-loan servicers and other contractors may continue to work for "some short period of time," but they would have to wait to be paid, and no new contracts will be awarded by ED during the shutdown.
  • I understand that allopathic medical students who are approved for military HPSP scholarships may experience delays in receiving their aid. While I’ve not heard specifically from veterinary students about this presumably all health professions students on military scholarship would be similarly impacted.

PDF documents containing the information for each agency are posted below. Here is the USDA’s Lapse in Funding Plans which includes the procedures and contingency plans for each agency.


1.  Office of the Secretary {PDF}
2.  Department of Management {PDF}
3.  National Appeals Division {PDF}
4.  Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights {PDF}
5.  Office of Budget and Program Analysis {PDF}
6.  Office of the Chief Economist {PDF}
7.  Office of the Chief Financial Officer  {PDF}
8.  Office of Communications  {PDF}
9.  Office of Ethics {PDF}
10.  Office of the General Counsel {PDF}
11.  Office of Inspector General
12.   Agricultural Marketing Service {PDF}
13.  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service {PDF}
14.  Farm Service Agency {PDF}
15.  Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services {PDF}
16.  Food Safety and Inspection Service {PDF}
17.  Foreign Agricultural Service {PDF}
18.  Forest Service {PDF}
19.  Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration {PDF}
20.  Natural Resources Conservation Service {PDF}
21.  Research, Education and Economics {PDF}
22.  Risk Management Agency {PDF}
23.  Rural Development  {PDF}


1. USDA Employee Question and Answers for Emergency/Shutdown Furlough {PDF}
2.  Office of Personnel Management 
3.  White House Office of Management and Budget 
4.  USDA's "Be Prepared" Employee Information Center


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